Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where do we you from here,,,

At the crossroads, standing at the edge trying to figure out which way do you go...

- Some people say go right, others say go left... but you know what?
"What does God say to go" ... Follow the simple principles of Gods ways.
Then you will see & go the right way you should go.
We seem to do things on our own accord or asking those for advice 
who don't know what they maybe say or you telling you what they feel is right.

-"How could we take advice from those who truly don't know God"
We do it sometimes just to tickle what we may wanna hear; instead of just fully 
Seeking in prayer & meditation. These two things are key things to finding the ways
God wants you to go. Truly think about it!

- (Now) Where do you go from here?
Walk by "Faith" & not by "Sight"..

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stop The Compromising ...

We sit here in a world that is full of compromise...
When will we as Christians take a stand in the world that tells you its okay to be a drug dealer, a stripper, a liar, a drug addict, a stealer, a conartist, or even much much more.. Today we need to start because we are allowing our youth to be under taken by a social world that tells them that all evil things & bad things are okay.
They arent okay; these things are distoring our youth & our world...
Where does it state in the Bible to being a video vexin is good & exposing your body for money, God frowns on that type of lifestyle. He's called the young women of our youth to be a virtuous woman (Proverbs 31:10-31). These set to standerds that they need to be at, we need to take a stand & go out to teach these young women how to dress, act, & even seek God.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Struggle all my life to fit into a world, that told me i was to fat, or i wasn't smart enough to become what i wanted to become deep down within. Struggled to be excepted by the people around me. Struggled to replace a love that was taken from me at a young age. Struggled to find my purity in myself after going through what i went through at the ages of 6 & 15. Struggled with different addictions to things i knew would kill me in the long run, to struggle was an every day thing for me that it became normal, became routine for me. People look at me today & say so many bad or good things about me, but deep down i never believe them because of my insecurity's that i still battle with today. Yes, im 21... Yes, i follow Christ 110%... & Yes, im in love with someone who i struggle to show him how much i care & ill never leave but thats an everyday routine for me, again. No more do i struggle with addictions, or my weight, or finding my purity within me because Gods taken it all away with the blood of his precious son but i still struggle with new thing & with people. Being who i am i struggle with trying to please people, make them happy, see them make their dreams come true. Struggle to have real genuine friends, who don't disappear on me when they feel its feasible for them to turn the other cheek when i may need them. i struggle, i am only human, & im not perfect. 

When you were born struggling sometimes, its harder then it seems to replace that with victory' but victory become what you strive for because struggling is not a lifestyle you wanna strive for. People get things mixed up with trying to be this perfect person instead of trying to be the best person you can be. Yes, i struggle daily but i know once that struggle has disappeared & victory has taken its course. I will be ready for a new struggle. Say what you may or want about me, good or bad - but i know as i strive to be the best person Gods watching & he will honor that, with love & blessings.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Gods for the taken

Alone in a room, with no one to call. Feeling as if I'm trapped in a world of my own with no one to call my own. Crying out trying to make everything out of what I'm seeing & feeling, nothing is making clear sense at all. Tears are streaming down my face & only four words i can seem to cry out are "God, Please help me". I can hear a voice that's within me saying "I'm here" but yet it still seems so far out of my reach. Being trapped in a world where I'm not my own, being someone that everyone else wants but not who I'm to be. Looking at what I've been given but never happy because I'm who the people want me to be & yet again i can hear a voice within me saying "I Am Here", trying to make means of it again & i still cant seem to find the meaning. Being tossed back & forth between two worlds, crying out yet again "God, Please help me"; still no answer in my heart. One last time i hear a voice within me saying "I AM HERE"; i look around to see who it maybe speaking to me until i close my eyes as tears stream down & i see the face of God. He speaks to my heart saying "I am here. I hear you crying out to me from your heart, fear & hurt no more for I'm all you need & i will cast those away who have mislead you &  mistreated you for you are my child & i will never let anything or anyone harm you no more." Hearing those words just gave me a true peace within & i knew from then i was Gods for the taken.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Upcoming Artist ... "SOW" Sounds of Wisdom, Sounds of Woe.

There is a man who desires nothing more then to be used by God in all the right ways & forms of speaking out for the one true living God & this mans name is Gabriel Carreras or also known as the rapper "SOW". This young man lived a ruff life before truly turning everything over to God & letting God be who he needed to be in his life all along. He went through hell & back to realize the true love of God & Christ. He has a calling on his life of music. Being in the world he was a beast (meaning his music & writing were always on point)  & these skills were used for all the wrong reasons until that one day God spoke to him & gave him the name he is now known as "SOW". Life for him began there & began a ruff road to finding the Glory & voice God had for him all along. Now at the age of 24; He is more powerful then ever before because of seeking Gods face & true love. Hes a man after his own makers heart. His passion to save souls & to preach the gospel is so amazing. He understands where he stands in the will of God & he will never let anything or anyone stand in the way of his calling from God. This new up coming artist "SOW" is a right down to earth guy & will keep it real with you no matter what the cause maybe, so check him out & really listen into what he's putting out because i can tell you that's defiantly Gods behind this project... so check him out & show him love . God Bless & enjoy your listening... 

Mixtape coming out FEB2012 "Pep Talk"... Keep a look out guys 
& if your not following him on Twitter follow its : @SOWWHAT87 .

Monday, April 18, 2011

Women of God.

Woman of God stands her ground no matter what comes her way. The enemy trys to throw her off her tracks to see if he can plant something that is destructive, but she will quickly realize what the enemy is trying to do & stop him in his tracks. Never should a Woman of God be put to shame or walked all over because she is a precious being that God has created in his image as well. 

I don't know about some of you but i know there is something wrong within our world & how some women today still get treated as if they are slaves to a man or to their family; of course she is a wife & mother but before all that she is a Woman of God who lives to serve her Lord & King before anything because she knows that he is her source & that he will provide everything she will ever need.

A Woman Of God also wears mean hats, of course there are hats for the single Women of God but most all have the same except for a few. Like for example a "Single Woman of God" her hats pro tan to "Worshiper" "Healer" "Prayer Worrier" "Daughter" "Sister" "Keeper of the Word" & so many more & as for the "Married Woman of God" the extra hats are "Wife" or & even "Mother". You see these hats that Gods placed on ever single one of your heads is something God done & brought you through to make you a Stronger more powerful woman then when you came into the walk with Christ.

Never look back as to where you were but look forward to where you are going with God & Christ because the Gift of eternal life is so much more meaningful & precious once you truly work for the kingdom of God & know where he has you going in your lifetime walk with Him.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dont Belong to the Devil but Belong to God.

The enemy trys to rap my hands in the sins of his ways, never again will i be held captive.Ive been set free by the one tue free God, My God... The Man who created me in His Image.The Man who designed me to speak out on His behalf. The Man who's words never returns void.

The enemy trys to rap my feet in his ways of walking, never again will i be chained down.Those chains on my ankle have been cut for good by the one true Free God, My God.The Man who blessed me with ability to walk in his ways. The man who told me to go outinto all the world & make sure people see my walk within his Love.

The enemy trys to rap my thoughts in his ways og thinking, never again will i think sinful thoughts.Ive been renewed in my mind by the one true Free God. The man who graced me with pure widsom& knowledge. The Man whos thoughts that are also my thoughts now. The man who called me to know wisdom from foolish ways.

The enemy will never have my hands rapped in sin, my feet chained in walking wrong, & never think that his sinful ways are alright. My Gods ways are my ways, my hand are his hands to heal, my feet are his feet that i will walk the walk of His ways, & my thoughts are his thoughts for i will think in wisdom & not ways of foolish men.

You think you know the right ways, you will never know until you turn yours ways over to God.

#Think about it...