Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where do we you from here,,,

At the crossroads, standing at the edge trying to figure out which way do you go...

- Some people say go right, others say go left... but you know what?
"What does God say to go" ... Follow the simple principles of Gods ways.
Then you will see & go the right way you should go.
We seem to do things on our own accord or asking those for advice 
who don't know what they maybe say or you telling you what they feel is right.

-"How could we take advice from those who truly don't know God"
We do it sometimes just to tickle what we may wanna hear; instead of just fully 
Seeking in prayer & meditation. These two things are key things to finding the ways
God wants you to go. Truly think about it!

- (Now) Where do you go from here?
Walk by "Faith" & not by "Sight"..

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