Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dont Belong to the Devil but Belong to God.

The enemy trys to rap my hands in the sins of his ways, never again will i be held captive.Ive been set free by the one tue free God, My God... The Man who created me in His Image.The Man who designed me to speak out on His behalf. The Man who's words never returns void.

The enemy trys to rap my feet in his ways of walking, never again will i be chained down.Those chains on my ankle have been cut for good by the one true Free God, My God.The Man who blessed me with ability to walk in his ways. The man who told me to go outinto all the world & make sure people see my walk within his Love.

The enemy trys to rap my thoughts in his ways og thinking, never again will i think sinful thoughts.Ive been renewed in my mind by the one true Free God. The man who graced me with pure widsom& knowledge. The Man whos thoughts that are also my thoughts now. The man who called me to know wisdom from foolish ways.

The enemy will never have my hands rapped in sin, my feet chained in walking wrong, & never think that his sinful ways are alright. My Gods ways are my ways, my hand are his hands to heal, my feet are his feet that i will walk the walk of His ways, & my thoughts are his thoughts for i will think in wisdom & not ways of foolish men.

You think you know the right ways, you will never know until you turn yours ways over to God.

#Think about it...

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