Friday, April 29, 2011

Gods for the taken

Alone in a room, with no one to call. Feeling as if I'm trapped in a world of my own with no one to call my own. Crying out trying to make everything out of what I'm seeing & feeling, nothing is making clear sense at all. Tears are streaming down my face & only four words i can seem to cry out are "God, Please help me". I can hear a voice that's within me saying "I'm here" but yet it still seems so far out of my reach. Being trapped in a world where I'm not my own, being someone that everyone else wants but not who I'm to be. Looking at what I've been given but never happy because I'm who the people want me to be & yet again i can hear a voice within me saying "I Am Here", trying to make means of it again & i still cant seem to find the meaning. Being tossed back & forth between two worlds, crying out yet again "God, Please help me"; still no answer in my heart. One last time i hear a voice within me saying "I AM HERE"; i look around to see who it maybe speaking to me until i close my eyes as tears stream down & i see the face of God. He speaks to my heart saying "I am here. I hear you crying out to me from your heart, fear & hurt no more for I'm all you need & i will cast those away who have mislead you &  mistreated you for you are my child & i will never let anything or anyone harm you no more." Hearing those words just gave me a true peace within & i knew from then i was Gods for the taken.

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