Monday, April 18, 2011

Women of God.

Woman of God stands her ground no matter what comes her way. The enemy trys to throw her off her tracks to see if he can plant something that is destructive, but she will quickly realize what the enemy is trying to do & stop him in his tracks. Never should a Woman of God be put to shame or walked all over because she is a precious being that God has created in his image as well. 

I don't know about some of you but i know there is something wrong within our world & how some women today still get treated as if they are slaves to a man or to their family; of course she is a wife & mother but before all that she is a Woman of God who lives to serve her Lord & King before anything because she knows that he is her source & that he will provide everything she will ever need.

A Woman Of God also wears mean hats, of course there are hats for the single Women of God but most all have the same except for a few. Like for example a "Single Woman of God" her hats pro tan to "Worshiper" "Healer" "Prayer Worrier" "Daughter" "Sister" "Keeper of the Word" & so many more & as for the "Married Woman of God" the extra hats are "Wife" or & even "Mother". You see these hats that Gods placed on ever single one of your heads is something God done & brought you through to make you a Stronger more powerful woman then when you came into the walk with Christ.

Never look back as to where you were but look forward to where you are going with God & Christ because the Gift of eternal life is so much more meaningful & precious once you truly work for the kingdom of God & know where he has you going in your lifetime walk with Him.

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