Saturday, April 23, 2011

Upcoming Artist ... "SOW" Sounds of Wisdom, Sounds of Woe.

There is a man who desires nothing more then to be used by God in all the right ways & forms of speaking out for the one true living God & this mans name is Gabriel Carreras or also known as the rapper "SOW". This young man lived a ruff life before truly turning everything over to God & letting God be who he needed to be in his life all along. He went through hell & back to realize the true love of God & Christ. He has a calling on his life of music. Being in the world he was a beast (meaning his music & writing were always on point)  & these skills were used for all the wrong reasons until that one day God spoke to him & gave him the name he is now known as "SOW". Life for him began there & began a ruff road to finding the Glory & voice God had for him all along. Now at the age of 24; He is more powerful then ever before because of seeking Gods face & true love. Hes a man after his own makers heart. His passion to save souls & to preach the gospel is so amazing. He understands where he stands in the will of God & he will never let anything or anyone stand in the way of his calling from God. This new up coming artist "SOW" is a right down to earth guy & will keep it real with you no matter what the cause maybe, so check him out & really listen into what he's putting out because i can tell you that's defiantly Gods behind this project... so check him out & show him love . God Bless & enjoy your listening... 

Mixtape coming out FEB2012 "Pep Talk"... Keep a look out guys 
& if your not following him on Twitter follow its : @SOWWHAT87 .

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